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  Meet Metta

Marietta (Metta) is a compassionate and heart-centered healer.  She loves to help others to uncover the wisdom and beauty that lies within, so they can live happy and healthier lives. She has spent over thirty years exploring both her inner and outer world developing a very full “toolbox” of healing skills, experiential knowledge, and education within metaphysics, personal development, and holistic nutrition. She is always learning from Spirit as she continues her path of healing and transformation.

She is a gifted Intuitive Healer, Medium, Channel, Visual Artist, Intuitive Energy Healer, Holistic Nutritionist (Functional Integrative Registered Dietitian), Chakra & Aura Reader, and Wellbeing Coach.


Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching (IC) can help widen your focus and gain new perspectives on who you are and what is possible for you.

Integrative Wellbeing Coaching

Find balance in your life, and take charge of your wellness! Discover a new sense of self. Regain your confidence, vibrancy and create the life you want.

Energy Balancing & Healing

Energy Balancing/Healing is used for stress reduction, relaxation and promoting healing.

Aura Reading - Chakra Cleansing & Healing

Increase vital energy, remove blocks & heal, balance, and align.

Energetic Alchemy Session with Metta & James

A tandem healing session with both Metta and James. James is a highly intuitive and sensitive channel of high dimensional healing, energy, and light.

Why Intuitive Coaching?


Intuitive life coaches point out what we cannot easily see for ourselves. Get in touch with the deepest parts of yourself. 

Tap In

Everything around us is energy. It’s a Universal Law.  We are energy too. Einstein said “Everything is energy.”  Tap in to Your energy system.


Tap into your own energy and dispel any blockages that may be stopping you from achieving your higher purpose.

Higher Purpose

Often, people come to coaching sessions to connect with their higher purpose.  It means living a meaningful life, in line with your core values that ultimately fulfils you.


Intuitive coaching gets deeper into a problem or challenge than traditional coaching.  It probes at a spiritual level as well as behavioral. 


Intuitive coaching is about you becoming whole and complete. This can only be done from within oneself.  


"She got me to my goals."

She was very easy to work with, very flexible, friendly, warm and compassionate.  I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. We partnered and got me to my goals.

-A. B.

"She never stops learning!"

“I love working with Marietta. She brings her compassion, intuition and knowledge to each of our sessions. I have recommended her to anyone I believe could use her help, including my mother.
Marietta is unassuming about the depth and breadth of her knowledge; she never stops learning! But she also has a big heart.”

-I. Z.

"The readings really resonated with me!"

Marietta has done a reading for me on two occasions.  Both times I was touched by how accurate and on point these readings were.  They really resonated with me.  The positive energy she passed on via her readings was life-affirming and really has helped me on my soul journey. 
I loved how she was able to add her other expertise in nutrition within this reading, it has been of a great benefit to me on a physical basis too.


"Almost like a “transfiguration!"

“My dreams that night consisted of powerful pulsating symbols.  My dreams since then had been all pleasant. The six nights that have followed the “Symbols Dreams” have been, again, more than enlightening. In these dreams I am entering the consciousness of a very many people, multiple each dream state, that all have a vibration like mine but are conscious of one another. Almost like a “transfiguration”.

I get the feeling that this music / symbols  experience is meant for planet wide distribution.”

– J. B.

"I felt surrounded by protection..."

“Working with Metta was a profound experience. She assisted me to rewire my energetic field and let go of old programming that was covering up my inner truth. She also worked with my throat chakras to remove blockages there. As soon as my symbol presented itself to Metta it started to work on me energetically. I saw one of the elements of the symbol come to me in a dream state before I actually saw the symbol. There were so many synchronicities in the time between working with Metta and receiving my finished symbol artwork. I felt surrounded by protection and support  and I felt a new updated structure working as a bridge between my spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies which allows me to be more comfortable receiving and holding more light. I feel more anchored in my body and more confident about my purpose on Earth at this time after receiving Metta’s assistance and my symbol.”


"The session was far above my expectations!"

“I met Marietta Amatangelo a few years ago. She is a vibrant, intelligent, sweet woman.

She mentioned to me recently that she was offering “aura readings” and I decided to give it a try.

The session was far above my expectations.

With her eyes closed, while calmly seated next to you, she sees through you while focusing on each chakra one by one.

Marietta is very intuitive and her medium abilities seem to be guided from Above; she connects to past, present, and future lives. For instance, one of my blocked chakra was linked to a past life and when she addressed it, I could see the flow of emotion busting out to liberate the chakra energy.

It was a wonderful and powerful experience.  I highly recommend it.”

– C. F.

Art & Sacred Symbol Offerings

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