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About Metta

Metta, a gifted intuitive, trance medium, and psycho-spiritual coach possesses a unique ability to bridge the earthly realm and the spiritual world. She acts as a conduit, facilitating connections with ancestors, beloved spirits, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and higher minded intergalactic beings. These celestial entities offer invaluable insights from a higher-dimensional perspective, guiding you on your healing journey.
Beyond being a conduit, Metta brings an alchemical touch to her sessions. 

This alchemy seamlessly blends intuitive wisdom, spiritual channeling, psycho-spiritual coaching, energetic healing, enhanced by her extensive scientific background, life experience and training in Wellness and life coaching. This smooth integration ensures that both the scientific and spiritual aspects of your healing journey are fully embraced.  With Metta’s guidance, you embark on your healing path with a sense of joy and balance, as the synergy between science and spirit moves you forward towards “your” well-being.

How did this all happen?

June of 1995, Marietta’s life took an abrupt turn when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. This marked a profound moment in her life journey, triggering a radical shift in her perception of all that she thought she knew. Suddenly, the things she once took for granted no longer held the same value; and unpredictability became the new reality. Facing an uncertain future, Marietta recognized the need to embrace her new reality if she was to truly heal.

Over the next four years, Marietta adopted a day-to-day approach to life, beginning a remarkable journey of transformation. Her redesigned life path included experimenting with a diverse array of healing and energy modalities, Shaman’s, psychics, past life regression, mediums, and experimental medicine, as well as other practices and practitioners.  With her extensive education in nutrition and wellness, she was able to completely overhaul and find balance in her daily wellness and dietary routines. Alongside these changes, she took a deep dive into the Spiritual realm, mastering her innate intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts that were with her from birth.

This incredible experience sparked a profound spiritual awakening within her, forever altering the course of her life.

In the early part of the journey, she began hearing voices of loved ones that had passed on, and a “sense” of “knowing” (Claircognizance) heightened where insights would come to her seemingly out of nowhere. In her Reiki sessions with clients, she not only felt energy but also received visions and information, perceptions of past lives, and loved ones that had passed on began coming through her with information for her clients.

Marietta’s intuitive insights and “sense of knowing” was always apparent in her nutrition and coaching sessions with clients/patients, providing valuable guidance and support in their wellness journeys. As time went on, her gifts continued to expand as she opened further to sharing and trusting in them. 

Marietta’s intuitive abilities are at the heart of her work, and she uses them with clarity and precision. She possesses the abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairempathy, Clairsentience, and Clairkinistetics.

In tandem with her distinctive blend of “alchemy,” Marietta’s overarching purpose is to contribute to the healing of the planet and guide all beings in discovering their own inner reservoirs of love, joy, peace, balance, and alignment.

A significant turning point occurred in June 2021 when Marietta began channeling Sacred Symbols in her meditations through a technique called “automatic drawing.” 

As she meditated, shapes, spirals, triangles, lines, circles come into her “mind’s” eye, multiple symbols flowed from her, leading her to a profound realization. She felt guided to share these Sacred Symbols, along with her unique blend of “alchemy,” with the world. The purpose was clear: to contribute to the healing of the planet and to help individuals discover their inner sources of love, joy, peace, balance, and alignment. This marked a pivotal moment in Marietta’s journey as she embraced her role as a conduit for spiritual and emotional healing on a larger scale, aiming to make a positive impact on humanity and the world.

Marietta/Metta’s Education

Master’s of Science, Nutrition, Purdue University
Bachelor’s of Science, Seton Hill University
Well Coaches Well-Being Coaching Certification
Certified Reiki Practitioner/Teacher
Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship

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