Sacred Symbols Story

Marietta (Metta) received her first Symbol transmission five years ago, but she was unaware of what it was, so she filed it away. Then, during a meditation in June of 2021, the mission of bringing the Sacred Symbols to the earth plane was revealed to her by Archangel Gabriel.  It was then, that more transmissions began to occur. Certain shapes, geometric forms, circles, and lines started to appear in her “mind’s eye”. The shapes whirled around until they formed a beautiful “symbol”, and this was when she began “automatically” drawing them.

The Symbols are based in Sacred Geometry, the Angelic realm, and that of many intergalactic races of benevolent beings that have willingly volunteered to assist humanity.  They are also Containers for the frequency that comes through them. They are about love, and they are about giving and receiving. They are also about joy, playfulness, and fun; and opening to the lightness of spirit.  Use these Symbols to touch that place in you where these qualities live. 

Each Symbol is a language of its own that needs no words. It carries with it a high vibrational frequency or “light code”; which is an activation that holds its own cosmic and divine intelligence. When you allow the high vibrational and healing frequency of them to flow through you, a spark that resonates on your DNA will enlighten and enliven you. The energy of each specific Symbol is activated once you allow yourself to focus on and interact with it; and the energy may be felt or sensed as a deep inner resonance or knowing.  The Symbols that resonate most with an individual, are the distinct frequencies and message that they need most at that particular time.

Metta has created Sacred Symbols upon the request of specific individuals. She has also received uniquely distinct, and sometimes unexpected personal Symbols that have been channeled during a reading, or in a meditation while preparing for a reading. Any personalized Symbol still serves a dual purpose. As the energy of it affects that of the individual for whom it was created, and the energy of the collective.

More information on this is available by request.


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